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We f***ing hate typical marketing events with speakers telling feel-good stories and then pitching from stage.

We want to learn in an intimate setting from top advertising experts in their respective fields.

We want to open up our laptops and be shown where we're screwing up, and then be given a clear direction on how to improve our businesses.

Zero ego. Zero douchiness. Zero flexing. Just pure, uncut actionable value that we can implement right away for real results.

Geek Out Philosophy

We didn’t see anyone doing the type of event we wanted.So we created them


Our Mission is to cultivate and grow the army of direct response marketers responsible with generating the online revenue in the modern worldwide economy.

We do this by providing those consumed by all things “ads, clicks and conversions” with a place to learn and “Geek Out” with others that share their passion for direct response marketing.

To match the dynamic and hyperpaced speed on digital marketing we engage in a constant pursuit of curating the most recent and relevant teachers to help our community constantly “level up”.


Our greatest win has been that we have gathered some of the largest advertisers from ecommerce and lead generation whether they are agencies, affiliates or brand owners.

We have screened attendees, so we have only ended up with a refined audience of people already successful at making money online and (of equal importance) are nice, humble, learning centric people.

It’s hard to describe the crazy level of success of our attendees as we obviously don’t check people’s pockets or login to their ad accounts but here are a few examples of how common and casual it is to be chatting with people having massive success.

One example would be from our Tel Aviv event where 14 attendees at a table represented 180 million in ad spend in 2018 or the group of 5 brand owners at our GeekOut Brooklyn event who had done a combined 80 million in online sales in Q1-Q3 of 2019. There could be the gentleman who has attended both of our Las Vegas events that is currently doing 300 million a year in ecommerce revenue. A second example from the GeekOut Brooklyn event, we had a founder of an advertising company that went public for 250 million in 2017. It goes on and on.

Our founders

James Van Elswyk

Starting off as a one-man affiliate to now owning multiple brands and running a full business with 30 full-time employees, James is one of the leading experts when it comes to creatives, clicks, and conversions.

James Van Elswyk
Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford

A brand builder from the day he was born, Nick has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including PepsiCo and Apple. Nick now manages and spends upwards of one million a day on ad spend to help eCommerce brands grow and disrupt.

Plans for 2021

We will be expanding our geographic footprint and number of events while tightening the focus of who we’ll be having as attendees. This year there is a real focus on the skill level of the attendees and creating events that are extremely focused on the segments and niches very targeted to our audiences interests.

Upcoming Events in 2021

  • March(beginning)


  • April

    Puerto Rico

  • May


  • Mid of July


  • Mid of August


  • End of August


  • September

    Los Angeles

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